We decode how people decide, helping marketers solve the unsolvable.

90% of all buying decisions are emotional. We can help you understand what people want and need from your brand like never before.

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The patent-pending sooth method unlocks the science of consumer understanding – making marketing work better for clients, creators and consumers.

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What We Do

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Our mission

We reduce marketing risk by applying data, artificial intelligence and human intellect to connect only the most meaningful brand content and experiences with the people who need your product, so everyone wins.

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How we sooth


A precise emotional blueprint that decodes the decision-making priorities of any audience, business, or consumer. Don’t guess what your customers are thinking. Know. 


Rich, nuanced audience dossiers that make personas things of the past: a singular set of truths to inform creative, media, CX, and more. 


A comprehensive, audience-specific user manual employing game theory so your brand can meet peoples’ needs at every decision point—and drive performance through the roof. 

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