We solve the unsolvable.

Sooth is the only marketing intelligence company with a patent pending method that uncovers insights at the speed of consumerism.

Our AI-powered technology decodes emotional needs and priorities that are proven to
drive 90% of all brand decisions– at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional research.

And you’ll learn more about your customers in a month than you ever thought possible.

Today’s marketing is becoming less and less effective because 84% of people choose brands based on impulse.

We increase marketing effectiveness by applying data, artificial intelligence and human intellect to deliver precise and unmatched audience insights proven to help brands acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships.

Sooth Solutions:
Deep insights at scale for a fraction of the cost of traditional research.


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Imagine having access to thousands of highly curated consumers willing to answer any questions about themselves, your brand, your competitors, or even the world. Gain critical insights for timely creative, media and promotional decisions. 

Sooth Core FACTs Package
(Fast, Actionable, Cost-effective, Timely)

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Sooth Core FACTs gives your brand a precise, actionable guide to the prioritized emotional needs and behavioral tendencies that drive your customer’s choices. This acts as a blueprint for the most informed marketing decisions.

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