soothscale + soothscape + soothmap

The ultimate toolset for consumer connection

  • Driven off a precise emotional blueprint of any consumer target audience at a 95% confidence level, our toolset does what your current briefs, personas and journeys cannot.

  • We use artificial intelligence and human intellect to monetize data by tapping into its hidden ability – empowering more empathetic storytelling so potential customers bond with your brand almost instinctively.

  • Our method gives your brand a singular set of human truths that inform and unify decisions around messaging, promotion, customer experience, CRM, media, shopper, influencer, brand visual identity, social media, and channel strategies — so you can meet the needs of more people, more often than the competition.

  • People who feel emotionally connected to your brand will spend significantly more, remain loyal customers, and spread the word - a prescription for long-term, sustainable growth. And our tools are all purpose-built to create emotional connection.


The soothscale is the center of the sooth method. We solve for cognitive bias by creating an emotional blueprint that unlocks empathy and connection between a brand and any audience, segment, or community. Using behavioral and psychographic data on more than 220 million people — along with artificial intelligence and our proprietary interpretive models — we decode the precise, emotional, decision-making priorities of your brand’s targets. Because the surest path to brand love (and positive return on marketing spend) is helping people to feel seen, heard, and understood.


Because personas don’t make decisions. People do.

Our soothscapes do what no persona can do: give your brand a verified formula for powerful emotional consumer connections that go beyond the broken promises of being “customer-centric.” You’ll tap into a whole different level of consumer understanding to become life-centric.

For every target and audience, soothscapes provide nuance and highly specific insights you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a verified guide to the prioritized human values that drive their decisions, and identifies what people need to see your brand as most right for their personal needs. Because it’s a lot easier to ask for someone’s business when you know who you’re talking to.


Go where customer journeys cannot.

Sales funnels are history, and so are most journey maps. Each category is unique, and so is every customer. When people routinely jump from pre-awareness to purchase in two clicks, it’s time to recognize there’s nothing linear about the path to purchase. And this leaves traditional journey maps more academic than they are useful. Maybe that’s why there are endless variations floating around most marketing organizations, none of them being put to very good use.

soothmaps allow you to see, strategize and manage customer relationships in an entirely new way. Unlike linear, transactional journeys that are patently unrealistic for most humans, each soothmap orchestrates all aspects of marketing programming and experiences around simultaneous decision hubs. Each decision hub leverages your unique soothscale and soothscape outputs to determine peoples’ motives, mindsets, decision criteria, potential outcomes and required “triage loops” that give people exactly what they need to choose your brand over and over. We’re not just looking for transactions…we’re writing a prescription for brand love.

“Ian's perfect combination of brilliance and approachability make him the ideal partner to any client or colleague. He effortlessly applies his experience across industries with his foresight to know what's next and packages it in a relatable, easy-to-digest way that makes the path forward clear.”

Megan McCurry

Expert Partner, Bain & Company

“Trusted counselor? Business sage? Futurist? Honest broker? Soothsayer? Ian is among the very few who can lay rightful claim to all of these roles.”

Mark Weninger

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Frontpoint

Current Principal, Weninger Haus

“Ian Baer is amongst the most talented, inspiring, creative, and innovative leaders that I've ever worked with. He brings a level of disruptive creativity that drives bold results. His numerous superpowers include a deep understanding of customer needs, market trends, cutting-edge technology, and how to combine them to foster powerful synergies. He is a genuine pioneer and it's no surprise that Ian continues to be the driving force behind so many award-winning campaigns and product launches.”

Howie Konopko

Executive Vice President, Publicis