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Sooth Aims to Bridge Human-data Gap in Communications

Ian Baer recently launched Sooth, a strategic consultancy aimed at addressing the "human-data gap" in the communications industry, emphasizing the need for brands to establish more authentic connections with consumers amidst growing dissatisfaction and a high failure rate of marketing campaigns.

Ian Baer has unveiled Sooth, a new strategic consultancy focused on closing the "human-data gap" prevalent in the communications industry. Baer highlighted that in today's data-driven landscape, many brands struggle to forge genuine connections with consumers, leading to dissatisfaction and a significant number of failed marketing campaigns. Citing statistics revealing that a substantial portion of consumers abandon brands due to impersonal experiences or inadequate value, Sooth aims to remedy this by leveraging not just big data but accurate and meaningful insights derived from its proprietary methodology. By integrating AI with human intellect, Sooth interprets consumer data from sources like the Helixa database, enabling brands to engage with audiences on a more personal level, aligning with core universal values that foster deeper connections and resonate authentically.

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