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Ian Baer Has A Sooth-ing New Strategy Offering For Brands

Sooth is designed to help brands make more effective use of data when making marketing decisions

Ian Baer has launched Sooth, a strategic consultancy based in New York aimed to revolutionize how brands utilize data for effective marketing strategies. Baer brings extensive expertise to Sooth's mission. He highlights a critical gap in marketing where despite half of all decisions being data-driven, many brands struggle to leverage this information to genuinely connect with consumers. Sooth addresses this challenge with its proprietary methodology, integrating AI to analyze consumer data from sources like the Helixa database, delivering insights into individual, segment, and community behaviors. Grounded in core universal values identified by a 2015 Harvard Business Review study, Sooth crafts tailored strategies that resonate authentically with audiences, fostering enduring brand-consumer relationships. Moreover, Sooth offers comprehensive services including detailed consumer narratives and strategic roadmaps from awareness to advocacy, alongside consulting and training, to empower brands in navigating and optimizing their marketing efforts.